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  1. Marque-page

    Browser Favicons Can Be Used as Undeletable Supercookies to Track You Online

    • surveillance capitalism
    • privacy
    • browser
    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
  2. Marque-page

    In the first six months of health care professionals replacing police officers, no one they encountered was arrested

    • mental health
    • police
    • defund police
    • Denver
    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
  3. Marque-page

    The resource leak bug of our civilization

    «Our mainstream economic system is oriented towards maximal production and growth. This effectively means that participants are forced to maximize their portions of the cake in order to stay in the game. It is therefore necessary to insert useless and even harmful “tumor material” in one’s own economical portion in order to avoid losing one’s position. This produces an ever-growing global parasite fungus that manifests as things like black boxes, planned obsolescence and artificial creation of needs.»

    • computer
    • politic
    • civilization
    • degrowth
    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
  4. Marque-page

    A visual guide to SSH tunnels

    «This page explains use cases and examples of SSH tunnels while visually presenting the traffic flows. For example, here’s a reverse tunnel that allows only users from IP address access to port 80 on the SSH client through an SSH server.»

    • ssh
    • tunnels
    • unix
    • howto
    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
  5. Marque-page


    «At the same time, computers have been failing their utopian expectations. Instead of amplifying the users' intelligence, they rather amplify their stupidity. Instead of making it possible to scale down the resource requirements of the material world, they have instead become a major part of the problem. Instead of making the world more comprehensible, they rather add to its incomprehensibility. And they often even manage to become slower despite becoming faster.»

    […] «Instead of planned obsolescence, there should be planned longevity.» […] «Broken devices should be repaired. If the community needs a kind of device that does not exist, it should preferrably be built from existing components that have fallen out of use. Chips should be designed open and flexible, so that they can be reappropriated even for purposes they were never intended for.» […] «The fossil-industrial story of linear progress has made many people believe that the main driver for computer innovation would be the constant increase of computing capacity. I strongly disagree. I actually think it would be more accurate to state that some innovation has been possible despite the stunting effect of rapid hardware growth (although this is not a particularly accurate statement either).»

    • computing
    • computer
    • idea
    • permaculture
    • informatique
    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
  6. Marque-page

    Cron Helper

    «Crontab syntax for us humans»

    Sinon sur mastodon, @manu m'a parlé de Crontab Generator, qui est un formulaire HTML générateur de crontab.

    C'est plutôt cool pour quelqu'un qui ne fait pas ce genre d'opération régulièrement et qui veut être certain de sa syntaxe.

    • cron
    • howto
    • helper
    • unix
    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
  7. Marque-page

    Dave's Visual Guide to dwm

    • dwm
    • howto
    • reference
    • guide
    • suckless
    • window manager
    • unix
    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
  8. Marque-page

    WebDesign for Low Bandwidth

    «Many people in remote locations and the developing world do not have fast Internet connections and won’t be getting them any time soon.

    This is why Aptivate has written a set of Web Design Guidelines for Low Bandwidth, at a time when web site optimisation seems to be going out of fashion.»

    • webdev
    • webperf
    • performance
    • speed
    • a11y
    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
  9. Marque-page

    Soma FM

    «Over 30 unique channels of listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative radio broadcasting to the world. All music hand-picked by SomaFM’s award-winning DJs and music directors.»

    • music
    • musique
    • radio
    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
  10. Marque-page

    Pirate Bay Founder Thinks Parler’s Inability to Stay Online Is ‘Embarrassing’

    «The Pirate Bay, the most censored website in the world, started by kids, run by people with problems with alcohol, drugs and money, still is up after almost two decades,” Kolmisoppi said. “Parlor and gab etc have all the money around but no skills or mindset. Embarrassing.»

    «The most ironic thing is that The Pirate Bay’s enemies include not just the US government but also many European and the Russian one,” he said. “Compared to gab/parlor which is supported by the current president of the US and probably liked by the Russian one too.»

    • pirate bay
    • parler
    • 2021
    • réseaux sociaux
    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
  11. Marque-page

    Learn C - Free Interactive C Tutorial

    • C
    • learn
    • programming
    • unix
    • tuto
    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
  12. Note

    2021-01-18 @ 12:54:07

    Ça commence à être drôlement lourd de ne pas être en mesure de rencontrer du monde en personne! J'ose même pas imaginer ce que c'est pour des gens qui dépendent des services et de la sociabilisation que leurs apportent des associations, des groupes communautaires, des équipes récréatives, etc.

    Comme pour la communauté artistique, la société civile est un peu sur pause et les services sont limités à l'essentiel. Des gens qui veulent bâtir un monde meilleur, une nature en meilleure santé, sont ralentis ou immobilisés, acculé au pied du mur parce que sans le sous … Tandis que l'autre coté, les gros continues à siphoner l'argent à un niveau qui dépasse la raison.

  13. Note

    2021-01-12 @ 12:15:20

    Pendant le temps des fêtes mes enfants ont appris un nouveau mot, un mot propre à leur culture: Podorythmie

  14. Marque-page


    «twtxt is a decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers.

    You want to get some thoughts out on the internet in a convenient and slick way while also following the gibberish of others? Instead of signing up at a closed and/or regulated microblogging platform, getting your status updates out with twtxt is as easy as putting them in a publicly accessible text file. The URL pointing to this file is your identity, your account. twtxt then tracks these text files, like a feedreader, and builds your unique timeline out of them, depending on which files you track. The format is simple, human readable, and integrates well with UNIX command line utilities

    Liste d'utilisateurs de twtxt

    • microblog
    • microblogging
    • cli
    • terminale
    • txt
    • python
    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
  15. Marque-page

    XMPP en 2021

  16. Marque-page

    The Power of Anarchist Analysis

    «But I liked the anarchists most because they asked penetrating and useful questions and refused to defer to authority.»


    «That doesn’t mean that there are no legitimate authorities. But it does mean that no authority is presumptively legitimate. The king’s orders might be good ones, but they are not good because he is the king, and their being good does not necessarily make kings good or necessary. Your professor may be right, but they are not right because they are your professor.»


    «The anarchist has a brain that won’t shut up. They cannot keep themselves from asking “What is this? What is it for? Must things be this way? Can they be different?” Children, of course, ask questions like these, and one reason I like anarchists is that they refuse to stop asking questions that we all had as children but never received satisfactory answers to. If you asked: Why are some people very rich and other people very poor, and why do the rich people not just give the poor people enough money, you were probably fed some bullshit that doesn’t really make sense. Some of us just stop asking questions eventually, but anarchists are uncommonly stubborn people who do not accommodate themselves to the society around them no matter how intense the pressure. »


    «The anarchist tradition is also strongly democratic. If you read old anarchist books, you will find that they are accessible, because anarchists believe in the “democratization of knowledge” and are suspicious of having a small class of intellectuals be the only ones who understand things. Anarchists are generally pro “decentralization”: They do not like concentrated power, and they raise important questions about how we can balance the need to accomplish things with making sure there is mass participation. (Occupy’s general assemblies with their consensus process were an example of anarchist democracy, which is beautiful and uncommonly inclusive but often maddeningly inefficient.)»

    • anarchism
    • analysis
    • article
    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
  17. Marque-page

    History will not remember us fondly

    «We possess the resources and production necessary to provide every human being on Earth with a comfortable living: adequate food, housing, health, and happiness. We have decided not to do so. We have achieved what one may consider the single unifying goal of the entire history of humanity: we have eliminated natural scarcity for our basic resources. We have done this, and we choose to deny our fellow humans their basic needs, in the cruel pursuit of profit. We have more empty homes than we have homeless people. America alone throws away enough food to feed the entire world population. And we choose to let our peers die of hunger and exposure

    • history
    • capitalism
    • usa
    • politics
    • future
    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
  18. Note

    2021-01-07 @ 10:56:19

    Oh que ça fait du bien ce matin de chanter ça, et ça à tue-tête dans l'piton. #musicQc

  19. Note

    2021-01-07 @ 10:07:54

    Dear music stars and more specifically Mr Neil Young and Mr Bob Dylan,

    You are already rich men and your descendants will not be on the street, so why not put your catalog in the #publicdomain, rather than sell it?

    All these years humanity has made you what you are, why not give it back a tiny bit?

    Are you able to demonstrate anything other than vanity and greed? Are you only hubris with a guitar?

    Or you do not understand where the music comes from …

  20. En réponse à rien 😊

    Pour l'intégration, je dois remercier la communauté #indieweb, car ça repose sur les services en ligne développés par ses membres:

  21. Marque-page

    A response to Yanis Varoufakis: Star Trek and Degrowth

    «Someone who doesn’t have a bike needs one bike – not a yearly rate of 3% in the production of bikes, forever


    «Degrowth would be a poor concept if it meant the decrease of everything, everywhere, and all the time. Degrowth is not less of the same, but simply different: “the objective is not make an elephant leaner, but to turn an elephant into a snail,” explains the authors of Degrowth: A Vocabulary for a New Era (2014)


    «But it is also a democratic, fairer, and more convivial economy with less inequality and more free time; one that that doesn’t need constant growth in order to remain stable;

    • décroissance
    • degrowth
    • Varoufakis
    • pib
    • gdp
    • billet
    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
  22. Note

    2021-01-06 @ 13:30:08

    C'est quand même plus drôle SNL Québec que GNL Québec 🤪.

  23. Note

    2021-01-06 @ 09:00:23

    En cette première semaine de janvier, j'aimerais bien …

    • lire tous les articles et billets de blogue qui sont en train de fermenter dans les onglets de mon navigateur;
    • avancer dans ma lecture de Permaculture par David Holmgren.

    Sinon avant-hier, j'ai lu deux bandes dessinées: André le Géant par Box Brown, et George Orwell par Pierre Christin, Sébastien Verdier. J'ai aimé 💜.

    Ah! oui, cette nuit j'ai lu Instructions au cuisinier zen par Dôgen.

  24. Note

    2021-01-05 @ 14:10:45

    Hello, J'ai vue sur ton site ta revue de livres de 2020 où tu mentionnes un livre de Shunryu Suzuki. Je me suis demandé alors si tu connaissais Brad Warner ?

    Pas que je sois un pratiquant zen moi-même (peut-être un jour), mais c'est le genre de points de vue que je trouve stimulants et qui me force à revoir certaines choses :)

    Brad Warner, est justement un vulgarisateur (un peu singulier) des écrits de Suzuki et de Dogen. Puis son parcours démystifie un peu ce qu'est le boudhisme zen et lui enlève son vernie mystique, qu'on lui donne souvent en occident.

    Sinon, Hyon Gak Sunim est un type qui, selon moi, explique bien:

  25. Note

    2021-01-04 @ 13:32:19

    «L'image d'une technologie verte et propre, grâce à laquelle nous n'aurions pas à toucher à la nature ou à tuer quoi que ce soit pour subvenir à nos besoins ne repose sur rien. Elle n'existe que parce que les citadins aisés de cette planète sont déconnectés de la nature depuis des générations».

    David Holmgren, Permaculture / Principes et pistes d'action pour un mode de vie soutenable, p.262, aux éditions de l'écopoche.

    Je note que dans ce livre publié en 2002, au lieu de parler d'effondrement, terme qui sonne fin du monde, David Holmgren parle de descente énergétique ou de déclin énergétique, ce qui me semble moins vague et plus juste.

  26. Texte

    Perdu le signal

    Nous devons plus qu'habiter le territoire, nous devons être le territoire. Reprendre la conversation avec la nature, puisqu'il y a une coupure qui, menace maintenant notre survie et celle de beaucoup d'autres de nos colocataires...

  27. Texte

    Développement [web] durable

    Ce texte est une réaction au Sustainable Web Manifesto, dont la lecture m'a laissé sur ma faim tant j'ai trouvé ça creux. J'ose espérer que cette réplique n'est pas trop moralisatrice...