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«At the same time, computers have been failing their utopian expectations. Instead of amplifying the users' intelligence, they rather amplify their stupidity. Instead of making it possible to scale down the resource requirements of the material world, they have instead become a major part of the problem. Instead of making the world more comprehensible, they rather add to its incomprehensibility. And they often even manage to become slower despite becoming faster.»

[…] «Instead of planned obsolescence, there should be planned longevity.» […] «Broken devices should be repaired. If the community needs a kind of device that does not exist, it should preferrably be built from existing components that have fallen out of use. Chips should be designed open and flexible, so that they can be reappropriated even for purposes they were never intended for.» […] «The fossil-industrial story of linear progress has made many people believe that the main driver for computer innovation would be the constant increase of computing capacity. I strongly disagree. I actually think it would be more accurate to state that some innovation has been possible despite the stunting effect of rapid hardware growth (although this is not a particularly accurate statement either).»

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