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RSS is Wonderful


“[…] avoiding social media means that we lose a lot of interesting articles, funny memes, and informative videos that are shared on those platforms. Maybe that’s okay since there’s a lot of unproductive and even destructive activity happening on social media. But, I still want online communities […]”

“A strength of sharing with blogs is they require more effort and thinking to articulate an idea. That’s a feature, not a bug. Rather than hastily firing off status updates or “micro-blogging” our whims that may be misunderstood and end up haunting our future selves, instead blogging encourages us to put work into a long form explanation of the things we care about. It can be far more rewarding for us and also for our readers.”


“Inspired by Web Rings from the 90s, I created a tool for serendipitous discovery of blogs called RSS Discovery Engine. Similar to how web rings work, I make the assumption that interesting blogs will tend to link to other related blogs, and therefore, linked blogs are likely to also be interesting.”

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