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    «twtxt is a decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers.

    You want to get some thoughts out on the internet in a convenient and slick way while also following the gibberish of others? Instead of signing up at a closed and/or regulated microblogging platform, getting your status updates out with twtxt is as easy as putting them in a publicly accessible text file. The URL pointing to this file is your identity, your account. twtxt then tracks these text files, like a feedreader, and builds your unique timeline out of them, depending on which files you track. The format is simple, human readable, and integrates well with UNIX command line utilities

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    XMPP en 2021

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    The Power of Anarchist Analysis

    «But I liked the anarchists most because they asked penetrating and useful questions and refused to defer to authority.»


    «That doesn’t mean that there are no legitimate authorities. But it does mean that no authority is presumptively legitimate. The king’s orders might be good ones, but they are not good because he is the king, and their being good does not necessarily make kings good or necessary. Your professor may be right, but they are not right because they are your professor.»


    «The anarchist has a brain that won’t shut up. They cannot keep themselves from asking “What is this? What is it for? Must things be this way? Can they be different?” Children, of course, ask questions like these, and one reason I like anarchists is that they refuse to stop asking questions that we all had as children but never received satisfactory answers to. If you asked: Why are some people very rich and other people very poor, and why do the rich people not just give the poor people enough money, you were probably fed some bullshit that doesn’t really make sense. Some of us just stop asking questions eventually, but anarchists are uncommonly stubborn people who do not accommodate themselves to the society around them no matter how intense the pressure. »


    «The anarchist tradition is also strongly democratic. If you read old anarchist books, you will find that they are accessible, because anarchists believe in the “democratization of knowledge” and are suspicious of having a small class of intellectuals be the only ones who understand things. Anarchists are generally pro “decentralization”: They do not like concentrated power, and they raise important questions about how we can balance the need to accomplish things with making sure there is mass participation. (Occupy’s general assemblies with their consensus process were an example of anarchist democracy, which is beautiful and uncommonly inclusive but often maddeningly inefficient.)»

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    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
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    History will not remember us fondly

    «We possess the resources and production necessary to provide every human being on Earth with a comfortable living: adequate food, housing, health, and happiness. We have decided not to do so. We have achieved what one may consider the single unifying goal of the entire history of humanity: we have eliminated natural scarcity for our basic resources. We have done this, and we choose to deny our fellow humans their basic needs, in the cruel pursuit of profit. We have more empty homes than we have homeless people. America alone throws away enough food to feed the entire world population. And we choose to let our peers die of hunger and exposure

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    Publié le . Par Hugo Soucy.
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    A response to Yanis Varoufakis: Star Trek and Degrowth

    «Someone who doesn’t have a bike needs one bike – not a yearly rate of 3% in the production of bikes, forever


    «Degrowth would be a poor concept if it meant the decrease of everything, everywhere, and all the time. Degrowth is not less of the same, but simply different: “the objective is not make an elephant leaner, but to turn an elephant into a snail,” explains the authors of Degrowth: A Vocabulary for a New Era (2014)


    «But it is also a democratic, fairer, and more convivial economy with less inequality and more free time; one that that doesn’t need constant growth in order to remain stable;

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