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Basic HTML Competency Is the New Punk Folk Explosion!


“In my head, there was a clear connection between the diy punk movement of the 80’s and the folk revival of the 60’s and 70’s. Punk culture was all about doing things yourself, which meant you had to learn how things were done in the first place.”


“I know it feels premature to say that basic HTML competency is a type of folk craft, but I'm not sure what else to call it.”

“How does something become a folk tradition? Is it the age of the practice, or how many (or few) people practice it? Folk revivalists in the 60’s were idolizing artists from the depression era, which happened just 30 years prior. The world wide web is nearly 30 years old, and the internet itself over 60. There are people leading internet companies today who are far younger than the web, who never knew a world without the internet. If a teen is drawn to early web aesthetics, it is not out of a nostalgia for their youth. It is, instead, a yearning for a time from before they even existed, a time they can only imagine.”


“I want our personalities to come through not just in the words or links we share, but in the URLS we use and the code we write. I dream of regional communities forming online, based around organically grown web rings, and for idiosyncrasies to form in the aesthetics of our sites based on the communities we learned to code from. Basically, to bring back all the things that made the early internet so exciting and open and welcoming. It’s a little bit harder, but that’s part of the charm.”

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