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“There is still no law mandating private web sites are accessible (although there is one for the public sector, but it’s still pretty new).”

“I find this completely unacceptable. I think it’s a disgrace that it’s still up for debate whether someone who is visually impaired, or someone who can’t hear, or someone who can’t use a mouse, can be excluded from using some service even though there would be perfectly good ways for them to use those things if people made a bit of an effort. Worse, sometimes it’s more a case of people ruining perfectly good accessibility that’s built into things already, simply out of ignorance.”


“I think we as an industry have a resonsibility here, a responsibility to refuse to build things that exclude people. And of course “the industry” here is just a placeholder: I think it should be each individual’s responsibility to care about those aspects, and to refuse to build inaccessible things if they’re asked to do so.”

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